TPC Studies
(Information Technology)
  • Semesters 1 & 2
  • No prerequisites
  • Leads to Further IT
  • Day (1 X 2 hours)
  • Evening (N. A.)
Operate a personal computer
Learn to operate a personal computer, including starting the PC, logging in, using and understanding desktop icons and their links to underlying programs, navigating a directory structure, saving work, printing, closing down the PC. Start the computer, access basic system information, navigate and manipulate the desktop environment, organise basic directory/folder structure and files, organise files for user and/or organisation requirements, print information and shut down the computer.
Operate a word processing application
Operate word processing applications and perform basic operations including the creation and formatting of documents, creating tables, printing labels and mail merge. Create documents, customise basic settings to meet page layout conventions, format documents, create tables, add images, use mail merge and print documents.
Access & use the internet

Describe uses of the Internet, use and navigate the Internet and use a variety of internet facilities, including www and email.